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Events Catering

At The Golden Fork, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional experiences that extend beyond our restaurant doors. Our Events page invites you to explore two distinct avenues through which we bring our culinary prowess to life – outside catering and on-site event hosting.

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Outside Catering: Bringing Golden Fork Magic to Your Doorstep

Imagine hosting a celebration, be it an intimate gathering or a grand affair, where the culinary marvels of Chef Letizia grace your table. Our Outside Catering service brings the signature Golden Fork experience to the venue of your choice. Chef Letizia, with her culinary finesse, curates a bespoke menu that tantalizes taste buds and elevates your event to a gastronomic spectacle. From meticulously crafted canapés to decadent desserts, every dish tells a story of passion and perfection.

Our team ensures seamless execution, from the first consultation to the final bite. Immerse your guests in the exquisite flavours and impeccable service that define The Golden Fork, creating memories that linger long after the last plate is cleared.


On-Site Events: The Golden Fork Ambiance in Rabat

For those seeking an enchanting venue in Rabat, look no further than The Golden Fork. Our restaurant premises transform into a captivating space for events that radiate sophistication and warmth. Picture an evening where the rich aroma of culinary masterpieces mingles with the lively chatter of delighted guests.

Chef Letizia, the maestro behind the Golden Fork kitchen, designs event menus that reflect the season's finest ingredients, ensuring each bite is a celebration of flavour. The inimitable service provided by our dedicated staff ensures that every detail, from table settings to personalized touches, is executed with precision.

The Golden Fork experience extends beyond the plate. Our vibrant surroundings, coupled with the seamless orchestration of events, create an atmosphere where magic happens effortlessly. Celebrate life's milestones, and corporate achievements, or simply gather with loved ones in an ambience that transcends the ordinary.

At The Golden Fork, events are not just occasions; they are curated experiences, where Chef Letizia's culinary artistry, paired with unparalleled service and enchanting surroundings, transforms each moment into a Golden Fork moment. Join us in Rabat for an unforgettable journey of flavours and festivities.

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Get in touch with us today to discuss how The Golden Fork Events Catering can transform your occasion into a culinary journey. We welcome the opportunity to customize a menu that suits your preferences and ensures your guests are treated to an extraordinary dining experience.


Contact us for more information, personalized consultations, and to secure your date. Let The Golden Fork be the secret ingredient that makes your event truly remarkable.

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